Wednesday, September 7, 2011

About Me

Me, my camera, mess, piano, art, and US Open of Surfing tee!

This is me on a daily basis. Half disheveled, half exhausted, and half bouncing off the wall. As you can see behind me, I create utter chaos in my house, always unpacking from whatever recent trip I have taken (this time, a tri-trip to Italy, Oahu and my once home state California). Also behind me are my piano and my guitar. I use the term "my" lightly, as those I for some reason love and care about decide to either muck about on them or use them to have a quick jam session with me. Our living room is always filled with artwork (by myself, acquaintances, quasi-famous artists and random ones), books, stacks of New Yorker's that I only look at for the comics, music of all genres, clocks, chairs, a ridiculous amount of lamps, electronic gadgets, and some wise Chinese senior. The living room is where I spend most of my time when home. If not there, I'm for sure in the kitchen, as I love food.

My Waigong! A wise Chinese senior indeed. He's telling me to do my homework, what else?

If you can't tell already from the picture of my relation, I'm Chinese. But I'm also of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Welsh, Irish, German and other unknown origins. My mom is Chinese, while my dad is everything else. They both have large families that live all over which enables me to learn even more when seeing the world. My Waigong ("maternal grandfather" in Chinese) for example, lives in California. He is perhaps the shortest basketball player that has played well enough to put himself through middle school to university, in China. I'm pretty sure that I have inherited my athletic abilities and competitive spirit from him, which I display only subtly.

Just like my ethnicity, I'm a little bit of every opposite. Although I can become aggressive and competitive, I'm normally carefree and relaxed. At times I can be shy and, I'm not afraid to admit it, awkward. Some days I'm outrageously loud and spontaneous. Sometimes my usual bubbliness and happy demeanor can give way to a serious and somber one. I use my right brain as much as I use my left. I can wink with either of my eyes. Uhh...yeah. That's all I can think of right now!

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