Sunday, September 11, 2011


English is a major part of world communication. The worldwide spread of English makes it ever more important for citizens in America to be proficient in all aspects of it. Education in the early days is crucial, because not only is it easier for someone to use the knowledge they learned while they were younger, but also it is the foundation for all other learning. However, high school education is even more critical. That's because at a high school age, most people are mature enough and realize that their English classes in high school are preparing them for the outside world and fine tuning their English skills. In a high school English class like Mr. Provenzano's third hour American Literature, not only should students continue learning writing skills, but they should also learn how to better manage their time and how to act their age.
The average American high schooler’s education begins with preschool and continues onto elementary, which is kindergarten through fifth grade. After intermediate school, they continue onto junior high; sixth to eighth grade. After that is the end of their education before college: high school. This lasts for four years, ninth grade to twelfth. Through all the years, the main focus is always learning more. The second year of high school is very important. In junior year, students start to apply to colleges, and take their SATs and ACTs. Writing is a fundamental part of all these activities. It is important as a sophomore to know how to write properly and eloquently. This skill will help a student find an entrance into a college, which will affect their life greatly. Just like knowing how to write, managing time is also an expectation of a sophomore English class.
Time management is a big part of any English class. It starts when an assignment is given. A student can choose to start it right away, or wait until the last minute to begin. Or, they could just have a writer’s block, and procrastinate against their will. Regrettably, procrastination only amounts to stress. In a timed test, this habit could be extremely detrimental. Also, most tests are based in hourly allotments. Not using time wisely could result in a failing grade. That is why the skill of time management is important, similar to acting mature.
Maturity is like knowledge. These qualities should both increase as the years pass by. In American Lit, a big part of what’s required for class will fall under the category of being mature. Bringing necessary materials to class, for example. Being in the right mindset for class. Even being in the right class, not out and about on South’s campus. Not disrespecting others or class time. Doing assigned homework. The major parts of school all depend on maturity. Basically with maturity, comes good grades and a good learning environment.

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