Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 Consequences of a Transcendentalist

Being a transcendentalist, like anything, has its consequences. As I have just recently learned, consequences are not always negative. A transcendentalist experiences both kinds of consequences, negative as well as positive. 

The world is, has always been, and always will be a home to judgmental people. As humans, our first instinct is to judge. Judgement has evolved, as humans themselves have evolved. It used to serve as a method of survival (good thing our ancestors decided to stay away from those dinosaurs!). Now, as our rate of survival has flourished (probably because those pesky dinosaurs are no longer around), our judgement now dictates what is acceptable in society and what is not. As a transcendentalist, you must truly live out your full potential, to be what or who you really are. If you're living a typical life, and trying to be a transcendentalist, mainstream society obviously isn't working for you. However, if you finally do become a transcendentalist, there must be values, thoughts, beliefs, or ideas you have that are underground. The same people whose judgement dictates what is mainstream and what is not will judge you. They will come to the conclusion that you do not live your life like they do; therefore you are not one of them. The overall idea is that you are no longer accepted by society, and people may not respect you for truthfully being who you are.

Transcendentalists are the only people that move society forward. This consequence is a positive one- who wouldn't want to take credit for moving society forward to a better place? If all a society's population conformed to mainstream ideas, society would be stuck at a stand still. However, transcendentalists get over the fact that they are not accepted by society and continue to live and think out of the box. Their new, innovative ideas keep the world going and moving forward. Eventually, their underground ideas receive enough attention that they are no longer considered underground. They are broadcasted into and accepted by society. Then, more transcendentalist ideas are contrived, and they become the new norm. It is a never- ending cycle of new ideas, all thanks to transcendentalists. 

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